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Dental Emergency/Implant Case

dental emergency knocked out tooth
kocked-out teeth reimplanted and fixated with orthodontic wire.
root canal was done on the upper tooth, lower teeth had root fractures so extracted and restored a dental implant
dental implant placement
x-rays showing implant placement
computer design images
computer design
patient has his smile back

Dental implant case of the day

This patient had spaces between her lower teeth that could not be corrected with orthodontics. So I fixed her spaces with dental implants.

before/after-front view
occlusal view
implant impression copings
x-ray of implants
computer design images

Dental implant case of the day

This patient presented with a broken off upper right canine tooth. We extracted the remaining tooth root,  placed an immediate titanium implant and restored with a zirconium abutment and porcelain crown. Very nice lady, fun case with beautiful results :-)))

broken upper canine tooth, extracted and implant placed, zirconium abutment, porcelain crown

top view of implant, zirconium abutment, crown/x-ray of broken tooth and implant

computer design images

happy patient and dentist