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Thank you letter of the week :-)))

I give Dr. Gentry my highest recommendation. He has been my dentist (and also my wife’s) for over 20 years. We started with him while we lived in Arlington but he is so good we decided to stay with him after moving out to Fairfax. He has only done dental work that is absolutely necessary, and his expertise and skill has actually saved at least two of my teeth from having to be extracted (despite two dental specialists who claimed the opposite) and Dr. Gentry also saved me from a root canal; instead, having filled the cavity instead. The procedures went so smoothly and were done so expertly that I had absolutely no pain and could eat immediately. Dr. Gentry takes great pride in his work; he has repeatedly said “fixing teeth is what I do” and he is a widely-recognized expert who also is dedicated to teaching aspiring dentists as well. Now THAT is skill and dedication! He has a great personality; always friendly and cheerful and ready to help. I also highly recommend his professional staff: Juany, Carolina, Karla, Alicia, and Galdia; all are extraordinarily friendly, helpful and professional. I intend to be a patient of Dr. Gentry’s for as long as he continues to practice; you WILL be pleased with Dr. Gentry as your dentist as well.
 Stanley Reid

Cosmetic smile case of the day

2e80bf88-420b-4be9-8352-d435972b1f0f e1c922f4-893a-4b8d-9686-56dc2a4b79e5 Before, she had broken down old bondings on her two front teeth. I removed them and cleaned up the decay underneath, without the need for root canals, and placed porcelain crowns. I made the new cosmetic crowns longer to touch her lower lip to fill out her smile, and curved the corners giving her a youthful, more feminine, beautiful smile.

Implants of the day

This patient had two teeth that were fractured and need to be extracted. I restored them both with dental implants. The teeth were extracted and implants with healing abutments placed.

healing abutment, lower molar
scanned into computer
implant crown


final x-ray
upper bicuspid healing abutment
healing abutment removed
implant crown
tightened into place
implant crown in place
crown with access hole
access hole filled
final x-ray