Monthly Archives: June 2016

Porcelain crown of the day

This patient had an old porcelain crown and was not happy with the esthetics, and came to me for a cosmetic consultation to improve the look of his front tooth. He was unhappy with the “black next to the gums and the square shape” of the crown and wanted me to make him a new better looking crown. I removed his old crown and cleaned up the decay that was under it and made him a beautiful, perfectly matched front porcelain crown.

custom color match
porcelain crown


complete upper denture case

In this case today, a lady came to me as an emergency with a broken old upper denture. I was able to temporarily repair her upper denture, use it as a custom tray, take the final impression, and make her a new nice fitting brand new upper denture in just a few days. She used the old denture while we made her a new one.

denture before
previous upper denture
new denture I made
complete upper denture