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Dr. Gentry’s 10 Steps to Happy Teeth and a Happy You :-)))

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution You can Smile About! Ten Steps to Happy Teeth and a Happy You:


  1. Floss once a day. Without flossing you miss 40% of the tooth surface.
  2. Brush twice a day. Brush for 2 minutes with a fluoride toothpaste, and brush your tongue.
  3. Schedule at least 2 dental check-ups and cleanings each year.
  4. Eat healthy. Cut down on sweets and eat more fruits and veggies.
  5. Stop smoking. It’s bad for everything!
  6. Drink more water. Stop drinking soda!
  7. Stress causes you to clench and grind your teeth, wearing them down and breaking your teeth. Try to relax more and have your dentist make you a nightguard if you grind.
  8. Chew sugarless gum after meals. This stimulates saliva flow to clean off your teeth.
  9. Wear a custom fit sports mouthguard when playing contact sports to prevent broken teeth and concussions.
  10. Smile more. It will boost your immune system and you will feel better :-)))

Dr-Philip-Gentry Dr.PhilipGentry


Crown case of the day

This patient was hit in the mouth with a tennis racquet and broke his front tooth. The tooth also required a root canal, and periodontal crown lengthening surgery. I placed a temporary crown on the tooth for 2 months while the gums healed and did a computerized custom shade match to obtain a perfect color match.

broken-tooth   temporary   final-crown   broken-tooth2   crown2   happy   custom-shade2   custom-shade2

Immediate partial denture case this afternoon

This patient’s upper front teeth and old fixed bridge broke off. We discussed treatment options. Since the teeth were decayed and badly broken down, I recommended extracting them and making an immediate provisional partial denture. Following healing we can do crown lengthening periodontal surgery and make a fixed bridge from canine to canine or make her a final partial denture. I extracted the teeth and delivered the immediate provisional partial denture during the same 1 hour visit this afternoon.





immediate-partial      extracted-teeth

Dental care during the holidays


It’s true that sugar does cause cavities, but it’s not the sugar directly. The naturally occurring streptococcus bacteria that live in our mouths consume the sugar, ferment it, and produce acid such as lactic acid. It is these acids that cause demineralization of the teeth and the formation of cavities. So it’s actually the acid from the bacteria in plaque in our mouth that eats holes in our teeth and causes cavities.

What’s Worse Pie or Mints?

Here’s the interesting part, it’s not the total amount of sugar we eat, but the total amount of time the sugar is in contact with our teeth. It’s preferable to have a piece of pumpkin pie with a scoop of ice cream for Thanksgiving dessert, than to sip on a soda all afternoon. It is better to have a few sugar cookies, or slice of Christmas apple pie, than to repeatedly sip coffee with sugar all morning long. One Altoids mint or cough drop per hour throughout the day is 10 times more cavity producing than one big piece of cake for dessert, even though the cake has much more sugar and calories.

Brush & Floss

The repeated cycles of eating sugar and acid formation is the key to the problem. It’s the frequency, or the amount of time the sugar is in the mouth, not the total amount of sugar. So enjoy a few nice (and quick) holiday desserts, just please make sure to brush and floss after every meal and visit your dentist regularly.Philip Gentry

Crown case of the day

For this patient today, I removed 2 porcelain fused to metal crowns that she recently had done in El Salvador, cleaned up the decay underneath,  polished her other teeth, and  placed 2 beautiful new zirconia crowns. She was so happy and has a beautiful smile for Christmas :-)))

removed old crowns and decay
after placing new crowns
happy patient
zirconia crowns

Crown, and post and core case of the day

This patient today  broke off his upper lateral incisor. We discussed the different restorative options. I told him I would try to save the root and build a tooth back up for him and place a crown. The tooth had a root canal many years ago. I drilled out the canal and cemented a titanium post inside the canal and build the tooth up. I prepared the tooth and made and cemented a zirconium crown over the build-up.

before-broken tooth
titanium post x-ray
canal cleaned
post cemented/tooth built-up
before-fractured off tooth


Bridge case of the day

This patient had a non-restorable decayed upper first molar tooth. I recommended a bridge since his adjacent teeth already had crowns on them. We extracted the infected molar and placed a temporary bridge. Following healing I prepared the adjacent teeth and fabricated and cemented a fixed 3 unit zirconia porcelain bridge. Here’s the before and after pictures.

after bridge
X-ray of infected tooth
photo of decayed tooth
zirconia bridge
view of inside
happy patient :-)))

beforebridge afterbridge

Implant/crown case of the day

This 32 year old female patient was missing her upper left lateral incisor and the right lateral incisor was fractured. Today I restored the missing lateral incisor with a BioHorizons titanium dental implant, custom abutment, porcelain crown and broken incisor with a porcelain crown.

implant1  implant2  implant3  implant4  implant5  implant6                         implantx-ray  9    customshade3        customshade2