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Implant case of the day

This patient came in to my office having broke off his upper right front tooth leaving only the root. This was a challenging  case because his other upper front teeth had old crowns on them with receded gums. This space was also larger than the width of the other incisors. I would have liked to replace all his old crowns at the same time so I could make everything perfect and even, but he just wanted me to restore only this broken off tooth.  It turned out pretty nice. Since he has a low lip line, he only shows half of the upper teeth anyway when he smiles. My implant tooth actually looks better than his other teeth. This is how I did it:

fractured off tooth
fractured off central incisor
fractured tooth
x-ray image of root
tooth extracted
root extracted and implant placed
custom abutment
custom abutment screwed into implant
implant crown
implant crown cemented
Dr. Gentry and happy patient
happy patient
implant and custom abutment
implant parts
torque wrench, crown, screw, custom abutment
design scan abutment
computer design scans

design scan

Teaching at The University of Maryland School of Dentistry

Dr. Philip Gentry in clinic         dental students

Teaching and supervising at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. We have the most awesome, amazing, and smart young dentists here in The Advanced Education in General Dentistry Department. I’m proud to say the future of the dental profession is in good hands :-)))

Dr. Gentry teaching
Dr Gentry teaching
Dr. philip Gentry Dean
Dr. Gentry with Dr. Mark Reynolds, Dean of The University of Maryland School of Dentistry

University of Maryland School of Dentistry