Thank you letter from one of my patients last week :-)))

For 44 years, I have been practicing dental hygiene in Virginia.  Recently I had to have a crown prep done on #8 and a replacement crown on #9.  My first crown on #9 was stainless steel, placed at age 7 in 1958.  Since then this tooth has had 14 replacement crowns that improved the appearance as dental materials progressed over the years.
My new ones though are the best I’ve ever had made.  The contacts, size, shape, color & occlusion are perfect and needed no adjustments when they were delivered.  I experienced no discomfort during the procedure, even while wearing the temporaries.
I have seen thousands of crowns & fillings by hundreds of dentists over my long career and Dr. Gentry’s work surpasses them all.  He is extremely attentive to detail.  The perfect fit and aesthetics are evident in every restoration he does.  I have no reservations in recommending his work to family, friends & current patients.  His sensitivity and approach while interacting with patients is a model for all individuals interested in entering the profession.
I truly feel he is deserving of the recognition equal to his daily accomplishments in the field of dentistry. As a dental hygienist with 44 years of private practice experience, I know who the best dentists are, and Dr. Gentry is one of the best!
I highly recommend Dr. Gentry. His dental work is the best I have seen. 


Alicia Woodall, RDH
Williamsburg, Va. 23185

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