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Emergency Temporary Bridge

This patient broke off her front teeth and delayed treatment due to fear of contracting COVID. I cleaned up the decay and made her a PMMA temporary bridge so she could smile for the holidays.

pmma bridge
before/after PMMA bridge
computer design
CAD/CAM milled bridge

Implant and crown case of the day

On this patient I noticed decay under two 20 year old crowns on teeth #30 and 31.  Removal of the old crowns revealed tooth #30 with deep decay sub-gingival into the root furcation. This tooth was non-restorable.  I recommended extraction and an implant. For tooth #31, I was able to clean out the decay and do a crown build-up and make her a new crown.

decay under old crowns
decay under old crowns
decay on x-ray
after removal of crown #30
#30 extracted-implant placed, #31 cleaned up
#30 implant, #31 new crown placed
implant crown in position
screw access channel filled
finished implant and crowns-looks great!!!
perfect fit!
happy patient


The first x-ray above shows my initial try-in with a gap between the implant crown and implant. The crown would not fully seat, so I re-did the implant crown. The second x-ray, after re-doing the implant crown, shows a perfect fit!!! Both the implant crowns #30 and #31 fit and look beautiful.

Cavities of the day

This first patient had a large deep cavity on the inside (lingual surface) of her upper lateral incisor. The decay extended under the gum-line and the pulp was necrotic. We discussed treatment options and could have extracted the tooth and placed an implant, but I felt we could save this tooth with a root canal and composite build-up.

deep decay
decay extended into pulp
composite build-up
root canal

The next patient had a cavity on his upper molar. I quickly and easily removed the decay and placed a composite restoration.

decay-before and after


What happens when you don’t brush

This is what happens when you don’t brush your teeth and do not see a dentist for 10 years. Most of this 64 year old patient’s teeth looked like these two that I uploaded here. Some are just too decayed and will need to be extracted, these two teeth I was able to restore with bonded ceramic composite restorations. Here’s are his before and after photos.

before-decayed upper central incisor
after-restored with composite
before-lower bicuspid

Cavities of the day

This 30 year old patient drinks lemon water all day long. She also grinds her teeth. The grinding causes her teeth to crack and the acid from the lemon juice erodes the tooth causing demineralization of enamel allowing tooth decay.

before-deep decay spreading between her teeth
after-cleaning out the decay and restoring the teeth with ceramic composite restorations
happy (and still numb) patient after

Next, his 23 year old patient had a crack in his back upper molar. The tooth had a 10 year old amalgam restoration in it. The crack allowed decay to spread deep under the old amalgam filling. The tooth was not sensitive and the patient was unaware that he had a cavity. I removed the old filling and cleaned up the decay, placed a fluoride base to protect the pulp and restored the tooth with a beautiful ceramic composite.


cracked decayed molar
deep decay
decay removed
composite restoration placed

decay under an old crown

This patient had been taking medications for depression and allergies causing dry mouth.  As a result he developed decay under an old crown. I was able to save the tooth by removing the old crown, cleaning out the decay, and placing a new beautiful all porcelain crown.

old crown removed revealing decay
decay cleaned and crown buildup placed
new porcelain crown