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Chipped teeth of the day

The first two patients I saw today chipped the same front right central incisor biting into a chicken bone. The third one chipped her lower right incisor biting into a sandwich. The last patient grinds his teeth and fractured the edge off his upper left central incisor. I restored each these teeth in about a half hour, for each one, with bonded ceramic composite restorations. Here are the before and after photos taken 30 minutes apart.

chipbefore2    chipafter2


chipped-tooth  after-composite  fractured-incisor  after-composite-restoration

Cavities of the day

This first patient had a large deep cavity on the inside (lingual surface) of her upper lateral incisor. The decay extended under the gum-line and the pulp was necrotic. We discussed treatment options and could have extracted the tooth and placed an implant, but I felt we could save this tooth with a root canal and composite build-up.

deep decay
decay extended into pulp
composite build-up
root canal

The next patient had a cavity on his upper molar. I quickly and easily removed the decay and placed a composite restoration.

decay-before and after