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Emergency Temporary Bridge

This patient broke off her front teeth and delayed treatment due to fear of contracting COVID. I cleaned up the decay and made her a PMMA temporary bridge so she could smile for the holidays.

pmma bridge
before/after PMMA bridge
computer design
CAD/CAM milled bridge

Bonding for worn down teeth

This patient’s lower teeth were worn down from years of grinding and clenching. We discussed crowning all the lower teeth, but I wanted to try bonding composite to the tops of the teeth to build them back up. He will eventually wear this away, but it’s easy for me to add to and re-bond the teeth as he wears them down over the years. I also made him a nightguard to wear when he sleeps to protect the teeth.

worn down lower teeth
after bonding

Chipped teeth of the day

The first two patients I saw today chipped the same front right central incisor biting into a chicken bone. The third one chipped her lower right incisor biting into a sandwich. The last patient grinds his teeth and fractured the edge off his upper left central incisor. I restored each these teeth in about a half hour, for each one, with bonded ceramic composite restorations. Here are the before and after photos taken 30 minutes apart.

chipbefore2    chipafter2


chipped-tooth  after-composite  fractured-incisor  after-composite-restoration

Implant case of the day

This patient had a fractured upper first bicuspid tooth that needed to be extracted. I restored her tooth with a Zimmer Biomet 3i Encode screw retained dental implant. Here are my clinical photos of the crown delivery today.

Encode healing abutment
screw retained implant crown
filling placed in access opening
implant crown, gold screw and torque wrench
final x-ray
digital design scan

What happens when you don’t brush

This is what happens when you don’t brush your teeth and do not see a dentist for 10 years. Most of this 64 year old patient’s teeth looked like these two that I uploaded here. Some are just too decayed and will need to be extracted, these two teeth I was able to restore with bonded ceramic composite restorations. Here’s are his before and after photos.

before-decayed upper central incisor
after-restored with composite
before-lower bicuspid

Chipped front teeth today

This patient was playing hockey and his left front tooth was fractured by a hockey stick. I restored the tooth in 20 minutes with a ceramic composite bonded restoration. Looks great and he’s happy to get his great smile back.

chipped tooth
chipped front tooth
after cosmetic bonding
awesome smile :-)))

This next patient fractured the her front tooth biting into a hard piece of bread. I quickly repaired this tooth too.

chippedtooth chippedtooth2

This patient chipped his lower tooth when he bit down hard and the tooth fractured against the upper incisor. This was a quick and easy repair.