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Smile Makeover Case of The Day

This patient wanted a younger youthful smile for his 60th birthday. So I made him 6 beautiful porcelain crowns for his upper front teeth. This cell-phone video shows me placing the crowns. He was very happy :-)))

I took a 3D digital computer scan of his teeth and gums, and we computer designed his smile beautiful new teeth and 3D printed out his 6 teeth crowns.

computer design image
crowns ready to deliver

Crown case of the day

This patient wanted me to give him a beautiful white smile. I placed porcelain crowns on his upper front teeth 3 years ago and he returned now to do the lower teeth. Here are the pictures:

after-upper teeth
after completing upper 6 front teeth
after-upper crowns 1 year later
3 years later, he’s ready to fix up the lower teeth
crowns cemented
lower 8 porcelain crowns cemented
porcelain crowns
looks fantastic!!!  going to do the back teeth next year

all done

Crown case of the day

This patient was hit in the mouth with a tennis racquet and broke his front tooth. The tooth also required a root canal, and periodontal crown lengthening surgery. I placed a temporary crown on the tooth for 2 months while the gums healed and did a computerized custom shade match to obtain a perfect color match.

broken-tooth   temporary   final-crown   broken-tooth2   crown2   happy   custom-shade2   custom-shade2

Crown case of the day

For this patient today, I removed 2 porcelain fused to metal crowns that she recently had done in El Salvador, cleaned up the decay underneath,  polished her other teeth, and  placed 2 beautiful new zirconia crowns. She was so happy and has a beautiful smile for Christmas :-)))

removed old crowns and decay
after placing new crowns
happy patient
zirconia crowns