Immediate partial dentures I did this week

This 68 year old patient broke his 3 front teeth. Unfortunately the teeth were broken below the gumline and non-restorable, and we had to extract them. We placed dental implants at the time of extraction and I made him a temporary partial denture to use for 4 months while he is healing.  After healing and the dental implants have osseointegrated, I will place fixed crowns on top of the implants, and cement them in place.

before- broken off front teeth
after-with partial denture in
temporary partial denture

This 65 year old patient broke his front tooth off biting into corn on the cob at his office picnic party. I was able to glue the tooth back in temporarily while I made him a temporary partial denture. We then extracted the remaining root and placed an implant. In a few months after the implant has fully osseointegrated  I will make the permanent fixed cemented implant tooth crown.

before after misssingtooth                  xrayrootbrokentooth brokentooth2