Custom Fit Athletic Mouthguards by Dr. Gentry


These are professional custom fit athletic mouthguards that I designed and made for The George Washington University Lacrosse team. These are comfortable, custom fit, and multi-laminated. With my mouthguards the players are much more comfortable and breath easier and this  improves oxygen intake and game performance! With a good fitting mouthguard the players can speak and communicate better on the field. This is very important for point guards in basketball that need to be calling plays all the time. The quarterback will be able to talk to the team and call audibles at the line of scrimmage without having to take his mouthguard out. The mouthguards have  2 layers of EVA material plus 3 unique power dispersion bands and will help prevent concussions and traumatic injuries.  I can make them in any color or with any logo and print the player’s name on them. This is the similar to what the professional athletes wear.



Mouthguards I designed and made for The Reston Raiders Ice Hockey Team


Mouthguards I made for The Heights School



I also designed and made athletic mouthguards for Bishop O’Connell High School.

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Floyd Mayweather”s

$25,000 mouthguardmayweathernouthguard

“My career’s gone on 19 years and I’ve been able to preserve my smile”